I’ve been using Sift for just a couple months now and it’s already saved me $74.

Ever wished you could get back at the Credit Card companies that make millions off consumers? Well this might not really be “getting back” at them, but here’s a way to make them PAY YOU instead of you paying them.

($74 saved in a couple months, that’s $37/mo saved for the math geniuses out there.) Here’s a screenshot from the Sift app of my savings so far:

So here’s what Sift is:

  • It’s a mobile app.
  • It’s free to download.
  • It takes advantage of credit card benefits that most people have, but don’t even know about.
  • It’s one of my favorite “tools”.
  • It saves time AND money.
  • It gets money back from the credit card companies in the background, while you go about your life.
  • It’s so simple, its basically automated.

If something you purchased with a credit card goes down in price after you bought it, Sift will notify you and ask if you want Sift to file a claim for a price rewind savings that most credit cards have included with their benefits (Sift charges you 25% of savings they successfully get back from the credit card companies for you – so you only get charged a fraction of money that they actually get back for you. It’s totally worth it. You’ve got nothing to lose – only money to save.) Yes you could technically file the claim yourself after Sift notifies you of a price change and save the 25%, but then that negates the whole point of saving TIME as well.

Try Sift out for FREE here. Plus if you sign up through this link, you’ll get $5 as a sign up completion bonus. Hey, this might just be the easiest $5 you’ll ever make.

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