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  • Mobile Apps

    Who doesn’t like mobile apps? Especially apps that actually do something! Here’s some of my favorites. Go ahead, try a couple out.

  • Freebies

    Nothing but freebies. Free samples. Free gift cards. Free coupons. This is the gold mine of “no purchase required”. Can I get an amen?

  • Coupons & Promos

    No, you don’t have to pay full price. Here’s our library of coupons, promos, and money saving favorites that will save your booty at checkout.

  • Budgeting

    Ok let’s face it. Budgeting is lame. Here’s a few simple and easy to manage ways to bring up your bottom line.

  • Investing

    Yes, investing is fun. Yes, investing is profitable. No, you don’t have to be a scientist or have a PhD to put your money to work for you.

  • Banking

    Ahh… Banking… Most people hate it. I happen to love it. Your bank should behave you, save you, and most certainly pay you.

  • Credit Cards

    It’s time we taught those credit card companies a lesson and started taking advantage of them – instead of them taking advantage of us.

  • Insurance

    It’s a tool. It all depends on how you use it and what you want to use it for. A little insight and a few tips will make you glad you stumble across this site. 😉

``Life is about being and becoming, not having and getting.``

                                                     – Stephanie Hedgepath