If you haven’t downloaded this FREE app yet – you are missing out!

Dosh is my favorite new money saving app. I’ve had it for just a few weeks now and have made over $24 already. (Above is a screenshot)

As you know, I’m a huge fan of saving money PASSIVELY. The name of the game is PASSIVE income. If it takes a bunch of time to do it – it might not be worth the amount of money it is saving you. And remember, it’s not about how much you make, it’s about how much you keep. This app goes perfectly in line with the philosophies of Making Saving Simple.

All you do is download the app, link your credit card / debit card numbers with it, and the rest is done automatically. Go about your daily life, and when you swipe your card on every day purchases you automatically get cash back. It’s super, super easy.

You probably have, or probably know someone who has, used the Walmart cash back receipt scanning app. I never got the hang of it because you had to go through the hassle of taking out the receipt, making sure it’s perfectly flat, opening up the app, and scanning every single receipt to make barely anything. This app is similar – only you never have to scan a receipt – and never have to take time out of your day to get the cash back. Everything is done automatically since you link your card numbers with it.

Plus, as of the date of this post, you can share it with other people and make $5 when they start using the app as well :).

You can download the FREE Dosh app to your phone by clicking right here.




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